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(Sunday 18 September)
(Sunday 18 September)
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|6th || Jamie Brown || Topper
|6th || Jamie Brown || Topper
[[File: 013.jpg | 200px | thumb | left text]]
[[File: 013.JPG | 200px | thumb | left text]]
==Sailing and Social Calendar==
==Sailing and Social Calendar==

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Brian Finnie - an Obituary

It is with much sadness that we have to report the death of Brian Finnie, who was a much-respected member of Forfar Sailing Club for many years, and a skilled Secretary for quite a number of them.

Brian had graduated in Electrical Engineering from Manchester University, gained a Ph.D. from Edinburgh University, and worked for various companies as a Design and Development Engineer, including in the Far East. As well as taking up sailing at university, he was also a glider pilot, and, being the meticulous person he was, seemed to have put much thought and research into his dinghy-sailing. But he was also keen to help novice sailors with hints and tips which would later prove useful to them for racing. He one year organised and ran a short training course for Club sailors on Thursday evenings, getting the sailors to practise certain manoeuvres. He was also a member of Tummel SC and, briefly, Loch Earn SC.

In Committee, he was the archetypal Secretary, at the Commodore's elbow, prodding him with advice on procedure, legal facts, and general information, all helped no doubt by his sharp mind and accurate memory. His advice was always reliable. He was also Secretary of TYCA for a number of years, and was their Webmaster as well as ours.

Brian's preferred boat was the Europe, of which he kept at least two operating examples. He was the Europe class Webmaster and on its national committee as Scottish rep. He was also for a time on the RYA Scotland Dinghy Committee. Two or three years ago he was diagnosed with serious illness, which put paid to his sailing. (It was typical of him that he donated all his sailing clothing and paraphernalia to the Club.) And further incurable illness set in, just as he was making progress with the previous one.

Brian left a positive mark. To this day, Forfar SC benefits directly from some of his previous work. For good reason he was not someone to be easily forgotten.

Brian is survived by his wife Margaret, who was also a good friend to the Club, assisting at Club events and providing quality baking. Our thoughts are with her and their family.

Tuesday 6 September

Shorter evenings mean earlier start times for Forfar Sailing Club's evening races, and not all members can easily achieve these times. And so the third race of the Twilight Series last Tuesday began later than planned, and the race was shorter than planned.

A light wind was blowing from the West as four boats were being rigged: the Solos of Tony Walker and Erwin Oosterhoorn, Dennis Burgin's Solution and Murray Hadden's Laser. Almost as soon as the start hooter went, the wind began to die, and that contrived to separate the boats during the first leg. Tony led the fleet and was to keep that position throughout the race. Despite being the slowest of the three classes, the Solos did well in the dropping wind, and Erwin held steadily to second place in spite of a late rush by Dennis. Murray, who had not sailed at the Loch for a month or two, became stuck at the windward mark for a few minutes, but then made progress behind the others, only to become ensnared for a few more minutes by floating weed, one leg before the finish line.

In the fading light and feeble wind the race officer decided to curtail the race to the one lap.


1st Tony Walker Solo
2nd Erwin Oosterhoorn Solo
3rd Dennis Burgin Solution
4th Murray Hadden Laser

Sunday 18 September

Sunday saw Forfar Sailing Club hold its usual two races on the Loch, with the first being entered into a world-wide charity sail - Bart's Bash - judged on average sailing speed in a given wind-speed.

The WSW wind blew briskly as 9 boats took to the water, including 4 Toppers helmed by children - Sebastian and Felicity Kimber, Eoghan Oosterhoorn and Jamie Brown. Jim Green launched his Solo, David Smith his Firefly, Dennis Burgin his Solution, Tony Walker his Enterprise (crew Helen Brown) and Mark Kimber a Club Laser Radial.

Tony, David and Dennis coped best with the conditions but Felicity - the youngest sailor - struggled at the back after one or two capsizes. She opted not to sail the second race. After taking the boat handicaps into account the final positions were:


1st David Smith Firefly
2nd Tony Walker Enterprise
3rd Dennis Burgin Solution
4th Jim Green Solo
5th Sebastian Kimber Topper
6th Mark Kimber Laser
7th Eoghan Oosterhoorn Topper
8th Jamie Brown Topper
9th Felicity Kimber Topper

For the second race the wind rose a notch, creating some testing gusts and equally testing “holes,” and causing a few capsizes. Dennis and Sebastian retired from the race, and it was hard work for the others although also exhilarating when up “planing.”


1st Tony Walker Enterprise
2nd David Smith Firefly
3rd Jim Green Solo
4th Eoghan Oosterhoorn Topper
5th Mark Kimber Laser
6th Jamie Brown Topper
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Sailing and Social Calendar

FSC offers support and encouragement to people of all levels, however there is a competitive element and ultimately it endears as a racing club. Most Sundays during the sailing season there are two races and most Tuesdays and Thursdays one race, each race lasting about 1hour depending on wind strength. Races are grouped in series with each usually completed over 6 or 7 days/evenings. Complete details of the club's 2013 racing, training and social events can be viewed in the club's sailing calendar or downloaded here.


The club has a mixed fleet, has both pursuit and average lap time racing using the Portsmouth Yardstick (PY) system of handicapping. Details of the system can be found at the RYA site here [1] The yardstick numbers allow different classes of boats to be raced against each other: the aim is to cancel out the inherent advantages and disadvantages of each class of boats, and provide a common time that represents the skill of the crew.

Each class of boat is assigned a PY number, with fast boats having low numbers and slow ones high numbers - so, for example, in the case of two dinghies, a Laser has a UK PY of 1087 while a Solo has a PY of 1148 (these are the actual PY numbers for 2013, but note that adjustments are made each year).

Weather Forecast

Although there are many weather forecasting site on the Internet the XCWeather site provides a detailed forecast for Dundee riverside which seems to be the nearest weather station to Forfar.

Rules of Sailing

The official documentation describing the ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing can be found here [2]

Club Photo and Video Gallery

Here is a selection of photos from various club activities and events including four slideshows of the clubs 2012 opening regatta.

You can also find a selection of videos from various club activities here

Photo Gallery

A collection of sailing photos from around the world can be viewed here.

Club Documents

This section lists the important club documents that can be viewed with Adobe Reader.

Slideshow and Videos

Training Session 1 Sunday 30 June 2013

Training Session 2 Sunday 30 June 2013

Training Session 3 Sunday 30 June 2013

Peter Tait sailing the club's Laser 4.7

More club videos

More exhilarating sailing videos

Some training videos

Club News

Frostbite 1:2 Slideshow

Above is a slideshow of the Frostbite Series 1:2 held on Sunday 12 September 2010. Photo courtesy of Pixeland.co.uk

50th Anniversary Prize Giving

Founding members and new members at an historic club gathering.

Notable Members

Some of our most notable members