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After a fun and testing day the overall positions for the regatta were:
After a fun and testing day the overall positions for the regatta were:
1st Tony Cook  - 2 points
*[1st Tony Cook  - 2 points]
2nd Tony Walker – 3 points
*[2nd Tony Walker – 3 points]
3rd Jim Green – 6 points
*[3rd Jim Green – 6 points]
4th Helen Brown – 9 points
*[4th Helen Brown – 9 points]
5th Jamie Brown – 10 points
*[5th Jamie Brown – 10 points]
6th Sebastian Kimber – 12 points
*[6th Sebastian Kimber – 12 points]
7th Mark Kimber – 16 points
*[7th Mark Kimber – 16 points]
==Sailing and Social Calendar==
==Sailing and Social Calendar==

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Opening Regatta 2016

BeforeStar2.jpg The Opening Regatta at Forfar Sailing Club was held on Sunday. It was a bright and breezy day with the wind increasing as the day wore on. Seven boats started the first race with sailors ranging in age from 7 to 70. Tony Walker (Solo) and Tony Cook (Laser) led the way in the first race with Jim Green (Solo) keeping in close contact. Mark Kimber and two of his younger children were the first to decide that the conditions did not suit them and retired early. Helen and Simon Brown (Wayfarer) found the breeze more to their liking and kept close to the leading pack. Jamie Brown and Sebastian Kimber both in Toppers struggled with the conditions and navigation but kept going to finish the race – with Jamie just beating Sebastian over the line after a close and eventful race. 1 st Tony Cook, 2nd Tony Walker, 3rd Jim Green, 4th Helen Brown, 5th Jamie Brown , 6th Sebastian Kimber, DNS Mark Kimber.

By the start of the second race conditions had got livelier. Sebastian took over helming the Wayfarer from his Dad leaving Jamie as the only Topper sailor. The first three places went the same way as the first race with the experienced sailors revelling in the somewhat wild conditions. Helen and Simon were going really well in the Wayfarer until a capsize that got their mast stuck in the bottom of Loch which required help from the rescue boat to extract – so they were out of the race. Sebastian helmed the other Wayfarer home to take 4th place. Jamie struggled valiantly with the conditions capsizing at least 5 times before he too got his mast stuck in the bottom of the Loch and had to retire.

The wind increased again before the start of the third race. Tony Cook having already won the regatta took over rescue boat duties. So only four boat ventured out for the final race. Tony Walker, Jim Green, Helen & Simon Brown and Jamie Brown who was still keen to get out and sail despite his repeated swims in the previous race. This time Helen retired first having had a gear failure on the boat. Jamie was next to go having run aground and been unable to get the boat launched again. By now the wind was howling down the loch and Jim was next to go with a spectacular downwind capsize that left him needing assistance from the safety boat and so he was out. Leaving Tony Walker as the sole survivor and winner.

After a fun and testing day the overall positions for the regatta were:

  • [1st Tony Cook - 2 points]
  • [2nd Tony Walker – 3 points]
  • [3rd Jim Green – 6 points]
  • [4th Helen Brown – 9 points]
  • [5th Jamie Brown – 10 points]
  • [6th Sebastian Kimber – 12 points]
  • [7th Mark Kimber – 16 points]

Sailing and Social Calendar

FSC offers support and encouragement to people of all levels, however there is a competitive element and ultimately it endears as a racing club. Most Sundays during the sailing season there are two races and most Tuesdays and Thursdays one race, each race lasting about 1hour depending on wind strength. Races are grouped in series with each usually completed over 6 or 7 days/evenings. Complete details of the club's 2013 racing, training and social events can be viewed in the club's sailing calendar or downloaded here.


The club has a mixed fleet, has both pursuit and average lap time racing using the Portsmouth Yardstick (PY) system of handicapping. Details of the system can be found at the RYA site here [1] The yardstick numbers allow different classes of boats to be raced against each other: the aim is to cancel out the inherent advantages and disadvantages of each class of boats, and provide a common time that represents the skill of the crew.

Each class of boat is assigned a PY number, with fast boats having low numbers and slow ones high numbers - so, for example, in the case of two dinghies, a Laser has a UK PY of 1087 while a Solo has a PY of 1148 (these are the actual PY numbers for 2013, but note that adjustments are made each year).

Weather Forecast

Although there are many weather forecasting site on the Internet the XCWeather site provides a detailed forecast for Dundee riverside which seems to be the nearest weather station to Forfar.

Rules of Sailing

The official documentation describing the ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing can be found here [2]

Club Photo and Video Gallery

Here is a selection of photos from various club activities and events including four slideshows of the clubs 2012 opening regatta.

You can also find a selection of videos from various club activities here

Photo Gallery

A collection of sailing photos from around the world can be viewed here.

Club Documents

This section lists the important club documents that can be viewed with Adobe Reader.

Slideshow and Videos

Training Session 1 Sunday 30 June 2013

Training Session 2 Sunday 30 June 2013

Training Session 3 Sunday 30 June 2013

Peter Tait sailing the club's Laser 4.7

More club videos

More exhilarating sailing videos

Some training videos

Club News

Frostbite 1:2 Slideshow

Above is a slideshow of the Frostbite Series 1:2 held on Sunday 12 September 2010. Photo courtesy of Pixeland.co.uk

50th Anniversary Prize Giving

Founding members and new members at an historic club gathering.

Notable Members

Some of our most notable members